Every pearl is a piece of Australian history

At the mercy of their natural environment and climate, each pearl takes 2-3 years to discover its final size, quality, shape and lustre.

Cultivation process


Every Ellies pearl is unique but shares a common beginning. To grow the most beautiful pearls in the world, only the most robust and healthy shell are hand selected by our experienced team to be seeded.


With the delicate finesse of an artist our skilled team expertly embed a nucleus and graft tissue before placing each oyster back into pristine waters to allow an Ellies pearl to reach its full potential.


After seeding, each and every oyster is individually nurtured with regular cleaning and descaling of barnacles and other marine fowling to ensure optimum absorption of the nutrients in their pristine waters.


Every year amidst excitement and anticipation our crop of oysters are raised from the seabed to reveal their treasure. In keeping with our ethos of excellence, only the oysters that produce the highest quality Ellies pearl will be seeded again for a new harvest.


Each Ellies pearl is meticulously assessed to determine their Lustre, complexion, shape, colour and size. These 5 virtues form the basis of each pearls value.